Routine household cleaning

Saturdays no longer have to be dedicated to cleaning! Rather run out into nature with the children and leave the cleaning of your household to us. Regular household cleaning includes vacuuming and washing floors, washing and disinfecting bathrooms, toilets and sanitary facilities, polishing mirrors and glasses, wiping dust, washing external kitchen surfaces including appliances, washing dishes and taking out rubbish.

Total household cleaning

For those who like everything tip top clean, fragrant and sparkling, this cleaning service is ideal. The so-called "total cleaning" includes regular cleaning + washing of windows and external or internal blinds. Doors and frames, sockets, switches, tiles in bathrooms and toilets are also washed. This cleaning is suitable before moving, when we clean up after the workers.

Total household cleaning +

This type of cleaning is something really special and unique. General cleaning + includes literally everything. This includes standard general cleaning + ironing, washing of kitchen appliances (refrigerator, microwave oven, oven inside and out), washing of the kitchen counter inside and out + bed linen change. This type of cleaning is suitable as a gift if you want to give someone a real break ;-)

Windows cleaning

Who likes washing windows? Most people postpone this activity until the moment when they can no longer see through the windows. We will be happy to do the window washing for you. Window washing includes washing internal and external blinds, internal and external window frames and glass washing. As a bonus, we will also wash your front door :-)


Especially men are not really fans of ironing. Why? Because it really takes a lot of time. Use this cleaning service. Ukrainian Cleaners will beautifully iron your clothes, sheets or towels, fold them and put them where you say.

One-time cleaning

There are periods when there is really a lot on us and we need help. Being able to free yourself from cleaning makes a huge diffrerence. All you have to do is choose one of the provided cleaning services: regular cleaning, general cleaning, window washing or ironing. Just choose and you might even like it :)

Regular cleaning

Time is the most valuable commodity, so use it wisely. Thanks to regular cleaning, you will finally have time for activities that you really like, whatever those may be. We  do mostly normal household cleaning + ironing. However, we can also agree on regular general cleaning, for example once every 3 months.

Office cleaning

We also have experience in office cleaning. Office cleaning includes cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, vacuuming and washing floors, taking out garbage, dusting and wiping down desks.

Big summer cleaning

The beautiful weather reminds us that summer is here and we want to spend more and more time in the fresh air. Therefore, we do not have much time left to devote to our household. If you prefer to relax and you simply don't have time for a big summer household cleaning, then entrust the summer cleaning to us. We will take care of routine household cleaning and also wash windows and internal or external blinds.